Brussels Airlines launches its holiday offer for summer 2022

Brussels Airlines launches its holiday offer for summer 2022

The airline notes a growing number of advance bookings

Brussels Airlines offers a vast leisure network for next summer, as it sees demand returning. Due to the uncertainty the coronavirus crisis brought along, booking behaviour had changed and passengers booked their flight tickets very shortly before departure. Since a few weeks, this trend of last-minute bookings is slowly coming to an end, showcasing the trust of the public in the end of a period of uncertainty.

“Since some weeks we clearly see a change in the booking pattern, which was dominated by last-minute bookings for about 20 months. The last weeks we’ve seen a growing number of incoming bookings for the spring period and especially for the upcoming school holidays. This is a very positive sign, showing that also our customers see the light at the end of the tunnel and that they start planning next year’s holidays. It confirms also their trust in Brussels Airlines. They can rely on Belgium’s home carrier to get to their favourite holiday destinations.”

Says Jan Derycke, Head of Network and Planning

“This shift in the booking trend enables us to better adapt our offer to the needs of our customer. By already publishing our schedule for next summer we want to respond to their needs and offer inspiration to those who haven’t decided yet.”

To meet the high demand for holiday travel after two years of travel restrictions, Brussels Airlines has extended their offer in the leisure market. With extra flights to the most popular holiday routes in the peak season, the airline wants to respond to the wishes of its customers of whom some have been looking forward for over two years to travel again.

New routes

In the summer of 2022, Brussels Airlines relaunches Chania and Antalya for the first time since 2019. Chania (Greece) will join the network as of May 7, with two flights a week. As of March 29 the airline will operate three weekly flights to Antalya, in the south-west of Turkey.

Europe & Middle-East

Responding to the demand for sunny holiday destinations, Brussels Airlines foresees a wide range of choice for leisure travellers. Highlights in the European network are the Greek Islands, including Corfu, Chania, Heraklion, Kos, Rhodes and Zakynthos as well as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

Also Italian destinations Florence, Napoli, Bari, Catania or Olbia remain popular among Belgians. Other highly demanded holiday destinations such as Malaga, Alicante, Faro, Porto and Lisbon will be connected to Brussels multiple times a day.

In the Middle East, Tel Aviv and Yerevan will be part of the Belgian airline’s network with respectively 14 and 4 flights a week.

The complete European leisure network overview is available below. Besides holiday destinations, Brussels Airlines also continues to offer a range of business and hybrid destinations in Europe. The entire network is available on

Africa & North Atlantic

After the successful launch of Tanger and Nador in the summer of 2021, Brussels Airlines will add both destinations again next summer from mid-June till mid-September.

On the long-range network, Brussels Airlines continues to offer flights to its 15 destinations in Sub Sahara Africa. In North-America, New York and Washington will be connected to Brussels.

Complete network overview:

29 destinations in Europe:


  • Dubrovnik
  • Split


  • Bordeaux
  • Nice



  • Athens
  • Corfu
  • Chania
  • Heraklion
  • Kos
  • Rhodes
  • Zakynthos


  • Bari
  • Catania
  • Florence
  • Napoli
  • Olbia
  • Palermo


  • Faro
  • Lisbon
  • Porto


  • Moscow Sheremetyevo
  • St-Petersburg


  • Alicante
  • Gran Canaria
  • Ibiza
  • Malaga
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Tenerife
  • Valencia

3 destinations in the Middle-East:


  • Yerevan


  • Tel Aviv


  • Antalya

18 destinations in Africa


  • Luanda


  • Cotonou


  • Bujumbura


  • Douala
  • Yaoundé


  • Kinshasa


  • Banjul


  • Accra

Ivory Coast:

  • Abidjan


  • Monrovia


  • Marrakesh
  • Nador
  • Tanger


  • Kigali


  • Dakar

Sierra Leone:

  • Freetown


  • Lomé


  • Entebbe

2 destinations in North-America


  • New York
  • Washington


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About Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is Belgium's national airline, connecting the capital of Europe to more than 70 destinations, whereof 15 in Africa, the continent that Brussels Airlines carries closes to its heart. Moreover, Brussels Airlines offers 60 destinations in Europe, 2 in North America and Tel Aviv. The company employs 3,100 employees and operates 38 aircraft.

In view of the global coronavirus pandemic, Brussels Airlines has committed itself to the strictest health safety measures in aviation worldwide, following the recommendations of EASA (European Air Safety Agency). Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Belgian airline operates an adapted flight schedule that is based on market demand and that takes into account the travel restrictions of the different authorities.

Thanks to its no-compromise positioning, Brussels Airlines combines competitive all-flexible fares with  the highest service quality. With yearly changing Belgian Star Chefs, its wide offer of Belgian food and drinks and the five Belgian Icons, Brussels Airlines is acting as a real ambassador of its country, bringing the world to Belgium and the best of Belgium to the world.

Creating over 40.000 direct and indirect jobs, Brussels Airlines plays an important role in the Belgian economy and is part of Belgium's second largest economic engine: its hub at Brussels Airport. In 2019, the airline transported over 10 million passengers to, from and via Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airlines offers cargo capacity on all its flights, commercialized by Lufthansa Cargo. The airline also handles the daily maintenance of its aircraft fleet.

Brussels Airlines is one of the four Lufthansa Group network airlines (Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Swiss) and member of Star Alliance. The company was founded in 2002 and is 100% owned by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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