Brussels Airlines welcomes 60,326 passengers this weekend

Friday, June 27, 2014 — This weekend, the first weekend of the big holiday exodus, Brussels Airlines welcomes 60,326 aboard its 621 scheduled flights. Most popular destinations are Barcelona, Rome, Geneva, Malaga, Nice, Venice, Berlin and New York. In addition, Brussels Airlines also operates some 46 holiday charter flights for tour operators today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Brussels Airlines is ready for a very busy weekend. More than 60,000 passengers have booked a ticket for flights this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Many of them fly to a sunny Mediterranean destination. The flights to Malaga, Nice, Barcelona, Venice, Florence, Naples, Catania, Palermo, Bari, Athens, Faro and Malta will all depart with a nearly 100 percent occupancy. Brussels Airlines’ decision to offer more flights to holiday destinations during summer is clearly paying off.

New York and Washington D.C., Brussels Airlines’ gateways to the U.S. are also very popular destinations. In terms of passenger volumes Nice, Barcelona, Rome, Geneva and Berlin are the most popular cities.

Besides the busy scheduled program, the airline also operates numerous holiday flights on behalf of Belgian and foreign tour operators. These 46 charter flights set sail to Morocco, Corsica, the Balearic islands, Italy, Turkey and Greece, among others.

Brussels Airlines has spent the last few days preparing to ensure smooth operations during this first holiday weekend of the summer. The airport service teams have been reinforced to accommodate the high amount of passengers. Passengers themselves can do their bit by getting to the airport well in time for their flight and by checking in online or via their smartphone. This will avoid them to wait in the queues at the airport.