Brussels Airlines welcomes 63.000 additional passengers during the month of June

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 — Brussels Airlines registered a strong passenger growth during the month of June. Compared to June 2013, 11.5 pct more passengers flew with Brussels Airlines in June 2014. The passenger load factor improved with 2.8 pct points. During the first half year of 2014, Brussels Airlines welcomed 10 pct additional passengers.

June 2014 was a strong month for Brussels Airlines. The records in terms of number of passengers transported per day and per week have been broken twice. In the previous month of June 614.800 chose to fly with Brussels Airlines. Short haul and mid haul flights registered a grow of 11.9 percent, while the number of passengers on long haul flights to Africa and the United States increased by respectively 22.4 and 5.2 percent.

The load factor of the flights increased as well. In comparison with June 2013, the passenger load factor increased with 2.8 percent points.

One of the highlights of the past month was the launch of several leisure destinations, including Bari, Cagliari, Krakow, Montpellier and Malta.

In addition to its scheduled flight activity, Brussels Airlines operated many holiday flights for tour operators, meeting and incentive agencies and sports clubs. The most important event last month was without a doubt Red Devils flight ‘SN2014’. Passenger figures for these charter activities are not included in the monthly figures of this press release.

First semester 2014

In total 3090737 passengers flew Brussels Airlines between January and June. That’s an increase of 10 percent compared to the first six months of 2013. The average passenger load factor was 69%, an increase of 1.6% in comparison with 2013. The two main reasons of this growth are the new commercial strategy of Brussels Airlines and the general market development.









Month/month difference in %




+ 11.5

Available seat-kilometres (in millions



+ 6.8 

Revenue Passenger-kilometres (in millions)



+ 11.0

Freight ton-kilometres 



+ 11.0

Overall Loadfactor (Passengers & Freight)



+2.4 pct points

Passenger Loadfactor



+2.8 pct points