Tam Airlines joins Star Alliance

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – TAM Airlines, the leading Brazilian carrier, today joined the Star Alliance network, thereby putting the world’s longest serving airline alliance firmly back on the South American continent.

“Our integration into the world’s leading global commercial aviation alliance will allow us to expand our services, offering our customers a smooth and integrated travel experience. There will always be a partner airline that will treat our customers as their own anywhere across the globe,” said Líbano Barroso, CEO of TAM Airlines. “Our brand is now global, and Star Alliance now has a strong presence in South America.”

TAM Airlines offers more than 40 destinations in Brazil and 10 airports across South America. Over the past years, the airline has expanded its intercontinental network to cover a variety of destinations in the USA and Europe, many of these being Star Alliance hubs. All in all, the Star Alliance network now counts 27 member carriers, offering more than 21,050 daily flights to 1,167 destinations in 181 countries.

“With TAM Airlines we gain a carrier based in South America, an important aviation market and home to many growing economies. Combining TAM Airlines’ network with that of our existing member carriers, will allow Star Alliance to offer a very competitive product to, from and within this region,” said Jaan Albrecht, CEO Star Alliance.

TAM Airlines’ joining completes a process which originally began in 2006 with the first informal negotiations.

“An intense information and experience exchange process resulted from the first contact”, explained Paulo Castello Branco, Vice President, Commercial and Planning, TAM Airlines. “After the official announcement of our acceptance as a future Star Alliance member in October of 2008, we started to align our operating processes, which involved our functional team at all levels, as well as those of all of our partner carriers. This was a great learning experience and a fundamental step towards our global expansion.”

As a result, TAM Airlines has not only increased the Star Alliance network offer, but is now providing a wide range of customer benefits.

TAM’s Fidelidade customers now collect and redeem points when travelling on all other Star Alliance member carriers. By the same token, participants in the other member carriers’ Frequent Flyer Programmes (FFP) earn points every time they fly TAM Airlines and can redeem points on the TAM network. An added alliance benefit is that travel on any Star Alliance member carrier counts towards achieving status in the selected FFP. One of the Star Alliance Gold membership benefits is Lounge access; with TAM Airlines the number of designated Gold Lounges across the network has grown to over 990.

Corporate customers have long been a main target group of the Star Alliance network. Through TAM Airlines, our offer to the vast corporate market in Brazil - South America’s largest economy - has gained in value. Christopher Korenke, Star Alliance Vice President Commercial: “With TAM Airlines we now have a very comprehensive product in the local market and have expanded our reach for those needing to travel to Brazil and South America. This is an important selling point when dealing with large corporate customers in Brazil”.

Additionally, flights operated by TAM Airlines will be included in both Star Alliance Conventions Plus and Meetings Plus, enhancing the value proposition of these products. Convention and meeting organisers based in South America can use the enlarged Star Alliance network to contract their travel requirements. Furthermore, organisers based in other parts of the world can now rely on Star Alliance to provide delegate transport from many additional destinations in South America.

Leisure travellers as well will stand to benefit from TAM Airlines’ membership in Star Alliance. The popular Round the World Fare now offers numerous new travel combinations throughout Brazil and South America, as well as more flights between Brazil and Europe, and Brazil and the USA. Moreover, TAM will be selling the North America and Europe Airpasses, allowing customers to purchase “value-for-money” air travel on the Star Alliance network in these regions in combination with a long-haul ticket from Brazil.

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A propos de Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines est la compagnie aérienne nationale belge reliant la capitale de l'Europe à plus de 70 destinations dont 15 en Afrique, son marché clé. L'entreprise emploie actuellement 3.100 personnes et exploite 38 avions.

Pour faire face à la pandémie du coronavirus, Brussels Airlines s'est engagée à appliquer les mesures sanitaires les plus strictes et à suivre les recommandations de l'AESA (Agence européenne de la sécurité aérienne). En outre, depuis le début de cette crise, la compagnie aérienne a adapté son offre de vols sur base de la demande du marché et des différentes restrictions de voyage.

Grâce à son positionnement « no compromise », Brussels Airlines combine des tarifs compétitifs aux conditions flexibles avec la plus haute qualité de service. Avec ses chefs étoilés belges, sa large offre de nourriture et de boissons belges et ses cinq Belgian Icons, Brussels Airlines est un véritable ambassadeur de son pays, amenant le monde en Belgique et le meilleur de la Belgique vers le reste du monde.

Brussels Airlines joue un rôle important dans l'économie belge en générant plus de 40.000 emplois directs et indirects et fait partie, au travers de son hub à Brussels Airport, du deuxième moteur économique de la Belgique. En 2019, la compagnie aérienne a transporté plus de 10 millions de passagers vers, depuis et via Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airlines offre une capacité de fret, commercialisée par Lufthansa Cargo sur tous ses vols. La compagnie aérienne assure également l’entretien quotidien de sa flotte.

Aujourd’hui, une des quatre compagnies aériennes membres du Lufthansa Group (Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa et Swiss) et membre de Star Alliance, l'entreprise a été fondée en 2002 et est détenue à 100% par la Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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