World premiere: Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland present aircraft with augmented reality in new livery

“Amare” is the new Belgian Icon representing the music festival and airline all over the world

Brussels, April 25th, 2024 – Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland proudly present “Amare”, the newest Belgian Icon. Amare represents unity for people all over the world. ​ The brand-new Airbus A320neo’s livery features augmented reality, a world-first. Both partners also ramp-up efforts to make the Tomorrowland-flights more sustainable.

During an event in Brussels Airlines’ Maintenance & Engineering hangar, the new livery was presented to media, guests, and employees. The new Belgian Icon is a tribute to the world-famous music festival Tomorrowland and demonstrates once more the Belgitude of Brussels Airlines, whereby the airline brings the world to Belgium and brings the best of Belgium to the world.

The design is a world premiere: Amare is the first aircraft to feature augmented reality in its livery as the bird comes to life when scanned through specific Social Media channels such as Instagram and TikTok. This feature provides The People of Tomorrow a first augmented storytelling behind the world-famous magical creature Amare, which symbolizes unity and transcending time and space. The whole design process of the livery took about 15 months and great attention has been given to details, from the feathers of the bird to the sparkles of the fireworks transitioning into the Brussels Airlines’ logo.

The Tomorrowland experience will of course continue inside the aircraft where passengers will enjoy the impressive sound system and special mood lighting in the cabin.

Exploring the world in a more responsible way
Both partners are aware of their environmental impact and have been working to reduce it over the past few years. The new Amare is the second brand-new A320neo (with registration number OO-SBB) having joined Brussels Airlines’ fleet in December 2023.
The neo emits up to 20% less CO2 and up to 50% less noise than its predecessors. The new Amare is thus a tangible example of how Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland are aiming to reduce their ecological impact.

Furthermore, all Global Journey Packages Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland sell together will from now on be Green Fares, which compensate the flight emissions ​ with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (20%) and thanks to the investment into qualitative CO2-reducing programmes (80%). To top it off, Tomorrowland and Brussels Airlines signed an agreement to invest in the purchase of SAF to compensate the total carbon emissions of all party flights that will be operated.

Brussels Airlines has been a proud partner of Tomorrowland since 2012 and I am happy to announce that we will extend this partnership until 2028. We have many things in common such as the passion to explore the world and connecting cultures, but also the awareness of our environmental footprint and our willingness to take the necessary steps to reduce our impact. These shared values make this partnership such a success.”
- Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO, Brussels Airlines

First maiden flight
Amare will not only bring the festivalgoers to Tomorrowland but will be operating commercial flights as from 26 April 2024. It will leave on its “maiden voyage” on 26 April 2024 to Tenerife, at 1.20pm, flight number SN3781.

About the design of Amare
Amare is a Tomorrowland icon symbolizing bringing people together and is actually synonymous with Unity.
In the Tomorrowland Universe, the bird is the only one able to travel through different Tomorrowland worlds via Paperworld (the magical parallel spectrum that connects the ​ different worlds).

So from this line of thought, Amare was visualized as if the magical bird was traveling through the "spectrum of space" by having him fade out towards the back. This also conveys a stronger sense of motion and makes the aircraft even more dynamic and modern.
This also emphasizes the very iconic head of Amare that is now known by many.

Furthermore, the new visualization also exudes a tremendous power in magic through energy lines and particles that are in the direction of motion, this to further emphasize that Amare is a magical being that is constantly in motion with the purpose of bringing people together.


About Brussels Airlines’ Belgian Icons
Brussels Airlines first Belgian Icon, Rackham, was introduced in 2015 and pays tribute to Tintin, the world-famous Belgian comic.

Several other Belgian Icons followed to showcase the best of Belgium around the world:
- Magritte was part of the fleet between 2016 and 2021. The aircraft was a homage to René Magritte, the Belgian surrealistic painter.
- Also in 2016, Trident joined the fleet. The official plane of the Belgian Red Devils, the Belgian national soccer team. In 2021 a new Trident was presented, this time also proudly representing the Belgian Red Flames, the female soccer team.
- Together with long-esteemed partner Tomorrowland, Amare was introduced in 2017.
- Aerosmurf smurfed the fleet between 2018 and 2023.
- Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a Belgian icon from the 16th century, traveled the world between 2019 and 2023.

The idea behind the Belgian Icons is to introduce the best of Belgium to the world. The Belgian Icons are known all over the world and make flying even more fun.




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Brussels Airlines aims to emit 50% less CO2 by 2030 compared to 2019 and plans to be carbon neutral by 2050. The airline is participating in the Stargate Project led by Brussels Airport and is therefore part of the testing ground for sustainable aviation at its home base. In addition, the airline signed the Circular Economy agreement of the Antwerp Management School in 2021. The airline was the first to transport Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through the CEPS-pipeline connecting Brussels Airport early 2023. By end 2024, Brussels Airlines will have welcomed five state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo allowing the airline to significantly lower its CO2- and noise-emissions on its medium-haul network.

As an ambassador of its country, Brussels Airlines brings the world to Belgium and the best of Belgium to the world, among others through collaborations with Belgian Star Chefs, Belgian culinary products and the Belgian Icons, specially painted aircraft that honour a Belgian iconic person, team or event to promote Belgian culture worldwide.

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